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Spring Clean Your Diet Blog

Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Diet

Spring cleaning dates back over 3,000 years b.c. for a reason: there’s something seriously satisfying about purging the clutter and crud that’s been crowding your house all winter. But so long as you’re planning to (finally) organize your closet and deep-clean your kitchen, why not spruce up your eating habits, too? If your healthy eating goals have fallen by the wayside since the Holidays, don’t worry, it’s not too late to start afresh. Here are a few simple ways to clean up your diet.


Start Off Strong With a Cold-Pressed Juice Cleanse

Sometimes our digestive systems need a break, and that’s where cleansing comes in. A typical cleanse involves consuming only juice for a 1-10 day period, which detoxes your body and gives you a super-boost of nutrients. When a cleanse is done correctly, you might also enjoy a clearer complexion, increased energy, and bloating and inflammation. Our juices are made using a hydraulic press, as opposed to other methods that produce heat and alter the foods’ natural enzymes. Experts say that cold pressing preserves the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals while retaining all the freshness and flavor of the whole food.


Literally Clean Out Your Fridge and Pantry

You might be reaching for the chips and cookies more often because that’s just what you have on-hand. If your time and budget allows, spend a weekend cleaning out your fridge and pantry. Get rid of any trigger foods (that is, foods that make you lose all control once you start eating them) and any junk you eat out of convenience, not because you actually savor the taste. Give it away to unsuspecting friends, bring it to the office, or donate it to your local food bank, then hit your local health foods store and make some smarter swaps.


More Veggies, More Fruits, More Often

You’ve already heard about the importance of “eating the rainbow,” but not only is forcing yourself to pick at a house salad every day not very exciting, it’s also not sustainable. If you start eating fresh foods because you feel like you have to, you’ll eventually view healthy eating as a chore and be more likely to “cheat.” Follow some food bloggers, visit a plant-based restaurant, or at that vegan coworker what she makes – whatever you have to do to find new, inspiring ways to incorporate more fresh fruits and veggies into your meals. Instead of making tacos, how about a loaded taco salad? Why not make a fresh fruit tray for “wine night” with your friends, or cool off with a fresh fruit smoothie instead of a frappuccino?


Snack Smarter

Snacking is one thing, but eating random handfuls of food without much thought – or grazing – is another. While eating nutritious snacks takes a bit more planning and effort, grazing is a mindless activity that can add up to extra spending and overeating. Be aware of what you’re eating and when. If you’re into meal planning, don’t forget to lay out your snacks for the week, too! Having a plan in place will make you less likely to trade your kale chips for candy later.

Whether you’re an athlete who’s looking to cool off with a smoothie or a cold-pressed juice or you’re in the market for more nutritious snacks, you can find a huge selection of healthy (and filling) meals, drinks, and snacks here at The Juice Hive. We’re open Mon-Fri (8 am-4 pm), Sat (8 am-2 pm), and Sun (9 am – 2 pm).