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A Handpicked Collection of Unique Goods.
Specially Curated with You in Mind.

It’s a place where you’ll discover a carefully curated selection of unique home décor pieces that can truly make a house a home.  Where you’ll find a combination of artisan foods and snacks – including the best-ever healthy picnic and beach snacks, and all-natural, sustainable foods that can take spaghetti night to a whole new level.  It’s a haven for unique DIY kits, one-of-a-kind items and the absolutely perfect housewarming and hostess gifts that you’ve been searching for everywhere – but which can only be found here. 


It’s the all-new Emporium at The Juice Hive … and it’s about to change the way you shop.


The all-new Emporium at The Juice Hive is unlike any other store in the Lowcountry – and unlike any other shopping experience you’ll have.  All items have been carefully handpicked and curated by a team of women who love (and live) to shop – and only want the best.  Which means you’ll only find the very best of everything … in a setting that will both calm your senses and invigorate your spirit.  From that perfect handcrafted item for your home, to items that any foodie in your life would love to receive as a gift, it’s all here at the Emporium. 



Lose yourself in the soft hues and simple elegance of The Emporium … and find exactly what you’re looking for.  We’ve created this welcoming space to bring our love of timeless home décor and artisan gifts from around the world (as well as from here in the Lowcountry) right to the heart of Bluffton Village.  And chosen every item from our heart, to yours.


Opening directly to your favorite juice spot, The Emporium also offers you a calm, inspiring and fun place to enjoy a healthy smoothie or all-natural delicious meal — either before, during or after shopping.  It truly is unlike any other shopping experience – and we can’t wait for you to experience our whole new store.    

  • Home décor
  • Vintage accessories
  • Hostess gifts
  • Unique DIY kits
  • All-natural sustainable foods and snacks



The Emporium at The Juice Hive

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