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Who Says Snacking is Bad for You? Here’s Why Healthy Snacking Should Be Part of Your Daily Diet

Active lifestyles and busier schedules have made eating three meals a day a thing of the past. While snacking has long been associated with “emotional eating” and weight gain, eating mini-meals might actually be better for you than consuming all of your calories in only three sittings.

Indulging in highly-processed foods should be practiced in moderation, but it’s perfectly fine to reach for nutrient-rich snacks during your morning and midday breaks. Here’s how snacking gives the brain and body the boosts that they need:

  • It curbs your cravings. By denying yourself a treat for too long, you may be more tempted to reach for the chips or ice cream later. Enjoying tasty, filling foods throughout the day – like nut butters, cheese, and fruit – will help you feel satisfied and less tempted to visit the office vending machine.
  • It diversifies your diet. If you’re not meeting all your nutritional needs at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, snacking may help you fill in the gaps. Depending on your diet, you may choose to center your snacks around produce, protein, or healthy fats.
  • It keeps your energy up. If you’re a little too familiar with the famous “afternoon slump,” a regular pre-dinner snack could rev your metabolism just enough to get you through the rest of your day. Snacking is also a good way to provide your brain with the extra fuel it needs to stay focused.

In order to benefit from snacking, it’s important to do so intentionally. Here are a few tips to help you create a sustainable snack schedule:

  • Distinguish between snacking and grazing. Snacking is one thing, but eating random handfuls of food without much thought – or grazing – is another. While eating nutritious snacks takes a bit more planning and effort, grazing is a mindless activity that can add up to extra spending and overeating. Be aware of what you’re eating and when.
  • Plan your snacks. If you’re into meal planning, don’t forget to lay out your snacks for the week, too! Having a plan in place will make you less likely to swap out your kale chips for candy later.
  • Pay attention to portion sizes. Because snacks are typically had between meals, you don’t want to overdo it. Try eating off of a plate or out of a bowl instead of directly from the bag. That way, you’ll have a better idea of how much you’re eating.

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