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Your Juice Cleanse FAQs – Answered

Just like any diet, cleansing poses its fair share of questions. How does it work? What happens when you only drink juice for 3 days? Is it really worth it?

While no two cleansing experiences are the same, many of your questions are. We’re answering juice cleanse FAQs to help you decide if cleansing is right for you.

Why cleanse?

Sometimes our digestive systems need a break, and that’s where cleansing comes in. A typical cleanse involves consuming only juice for a 1-10 day period, which detoxes your body and gives you a super-boost of nutrients. When a cleanse is done correctly, you might also enjoy a clearer complexion, increased energy, and bloating and inflammation.

How do I know if a juice cleanse is right for me?

Everyone’s body is different, and therefore requires a unique daily caloric, protein, and sugar intake, which should be considered before starting any diet. We always recommend checking with your doctor or a nutritionist before committing to a cleanse. That said, we offer a variety of juice cleanses to fit your needs and schedule. First-time cleansers might try our 1-day program, while seasoned cleansers might order a 3 or 5-day package.

How should I prepare for my juice cleanse?

Eating clean two days before your cleanse will maximize its benefits. Do your best to avoid processed foods and avoid as much meat, dairy and sugar as you can. Reduce your caffeine intake to reduce the chances of headaches. Eat only fruits and vegetables right before your cleanse begins.

Why cold-pressed?

Our juices are made using a hydraulic press, as opposed to other methods that produce heat and alter the foods’ natural enzymes. Experts say that cold pressing preserves the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals while retaining all the freshness and flavor of the whole food.

Do I have to drink the juices in the specified order?

The order in which you drink each juice will directly affect how you absorb and digest its nutrients. We highly recommend sticking to the plan!

What if I’m hungry during my cleanse?

A cleanse is all about feeling your best, which is why you must listen to your body. Try drinking more water throughout the day, or if you need to eat something, reach for raw or lightly cooked fruits and vegetables. 

Can I still do a juice cleanse if I’m allergic to certain foods?

Yes! We can tailor your cleanse to your personal juice preferences and dietary needs.

If you’ve been considering a juice cleanse, there’s no time like the present to try one. It’s an excellent way to enhance your health and wellness from the comfort of your own home. Call in your cleanse kit for curbside pickup, or learn more about our cold-pressed juices here.