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Beat the Heat With These Refreshing Summertime Foods

Is it getting hot out here…or is it just us?


When it gets to be July in the Lowcountry, the hot, humid temps can be…intense. The last thing you want to think about is weighing yourself down with more food, but maintaining a balanced diet of fresh, whole foods can help you stay hydrated and energized all summer long. Here are some of our favorite foods to help you beat the heat.


Hydrating Produce: Watermelon, Celery, and Cucumber


Nothing beats a few ice-cold watermelon slices on a hot day – mainly because this sweet, seasonal fruit will help keep you hydrated. True to the name, watermelons are made of 92% water, so if you don’t feel like drinking another bottle of plain H2O (even though you probably should), chop up one of these babies instead.


Like watermelon, celery and cucumbers are also made of up to 90% water, but they also contain enough fiber to help you feel full and maintain long-term hydration.


Gut-Friendly Foods: Kombucha and Frozen Yogurt

Snacking on sugary popsicles or soft drinks only offer short-term hydration and can cause your blood sugar levels to spike. Instead, opt for gut-friendly foods that support your digestive health, allowing you to retain more water.


Frozen yogurt is one of our favorite summertime treats, and not just because it tastes like ice cream. Some organic frozen yogurts offer the same probiotic benefits as the regular kind. Kombucha, which gives us that sweet fizzy sensation of a soft drink, is high in probiotic bacteria similar to the healthy bacteria found in our gut, linking it to improved digestion but also immune function.


Chili Peppers

Things are already getting hot enough, but hear us out: capsaicin, a compound found in chili peppers, is what makes you sweat when you bite into something spicey. Eating foods with capsaicin can actually encourage our bodies to cool down as the sweat is evaporated from the skin – but make sure to alternate your chips and salsa with sips of water.


Fresh Fruit Smoothies

Smoothies are our go-to summer snack (or meal) for a few reasons. First, they’re just as refreshing as a soft drink or cocktail without dehydrating you faster. Second, we blend them with fresh fruits and vegetables that are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and, of course, water. And third, you can customize your drink by adding protein powders, electrolytes, or energy supplements to help power you through that heat-induced afternoon slump.


If you are what you eat, you’re bound to feel great at The Juice Hive. From cold-pressed juices and smoothies to salads, bowls, and snacks, our menu is full of healthy meal options that taste as great as they are for you. Visit us Mon-Fri (8 am-3 pm) and Sat (8 am-2 pm)!