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The Secrets to Sticking to Your New Year’s Resolutions

Now that the post-holiday haze has lifted and you’re back to your 9 to 5 grind, New Year’s resolutions are likely at the top of your mind. You might kick off January with a new gym membership or morning meditation routine, but if you stop working out and start sleeping in three weeks into the month, you’re not alone. What they say about “the best-laid plans” is true: almost 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the first week in February. So how can you make a change that lasts? Use these tips to stick to your 2022 resolutions.


  1. Fast-track your results. Every year, millions of Americans vow to eat healthy or lose weight – and every year, they find themselves reaching for the chips (again). One reason why people are tempted to go back to their old eating habits is because they aren’t seeing results soon enough. While maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a life-long process, detoxing your body is an effective way to jumpstart your wellness journey. Our cold-pressed juice cleanses are designed to supercharge your body with nutrients while flushing the toxins from your system. Our clients have felt more energized, less bloated, and hydrated after only the first day of cleansing – motivating them to continue eating clean.
  2. Set specific goals. It’s much more effective to focus on training for your first 5K in May than loosely resolving to exercise more. Instead of going for the pie in the sky, set concrete goals and benchmarks that you can put meaningful action behind. Wellness trackers, to-do lists, and vision boards are great ways to remind yourself of your goals and the steps you’ll take to reach them.
  3. Start small. Most resolutions fail because they aren’t sustainable. Increasing your productivity at the risk of your mental health or choking down meals you dread will make working towards your resolutions feel like a punishment, not a reward. The key to taking your goal from “resolution” to “lifestyle” is making small, incremental changes you can stick with. For example, if you’re trying to clean up your diet, try swapping your favorite processed foods for healthier alternatives. Once you’ve stopped craving cheese puffs, try tackling another element of your diet, like eating more fresh foods or being continuous with portion control.
  4. Expect setbacks. Those unhealthy habits you’re trying to change probably took years to develop, so why would you expect them in just a matter of days or weeks? Be patient with yourself, and remember that failure isn’t final. Even if you make a misstep or two, you can make an intentional decision to continue towards your goal.
  5. Seek support. Reaching your goals is a lot easier when you have friends and family on board. Making your New Year’s resolution a group effort will keep you accountable and inspired to continue caring for your body. So get your group together and join us for smoothies!


Start 2022 off on the right note with a one, three, or five-day cold-pressed juice cleanse designed to refresh and reset your body from the inside out. It’s an excellent way to enhance your health and wellness from the comfort of your own home. Call us at 843-757-2899 to order your juice cleanse today.