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Boost Your Immunity for the Winter Season: Nutrition Tips

While most Lowcountry locals might be grateful for the cooler weather November brings, those who struggle with seasonal allergies or the common cold this time of year, might find themselves wishing for summer again.  With cold and flu season officially here, it’s crucial to arm our bodies with the right nutrients to fend off illness …

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Five Fall Foods You Can Enjoy Guilt Free

There’s a lot to love about fall: cooler weather, less crowded beaches, and cozy candles and throw blankets making it back into our living rooms. But when most people picture the season, they think of their favorite fall treats.   While many of the season’s most celebrated staples can be heavy and loaded with calories …

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Are Superfoods Really Worth the Hype?

It’s easy to get on board with adding superfoods to your diet. After all, who doesn’t want their food to be super? But while you’ve seen (and probably tried) a few of the biggest superfood trends, including cauliflower-crust pizza and adding avocado to everything, ask yourself: do you know what a superfood really is?   …