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Why The Nut Butter Trend Might Just Stick

September 16, 2020 Food

The PB&J sandwiches from your childhood have some stiff competition these days. From seed-based dressings to artisanal spreads, nut butters have gotten a major upgrade in the last few years – making them a trend that just might stick. While

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Why Microgreens are Becoming a Big Deal

May 5, 2020 Food

From salads to sandwiches to pizza, microgreens are cropping up just about everywhere. They might look like they can only be used as a garnish, but don’t be fooled: these tiny sprouts pack a huge nutritional punch. A microgreen is

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What is a Vegan?

September 20, 2019 Food, Good to Know Info

Keeping up with today’s list of diets can be difficult, especially for those who love a salad just as much as a filet. But veganism has inspired a new era of clean eating, from faux-meat frozen products to trendy toasts

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